What we do


We train leaders and employees to manage the changes that come with
parental transitions, so individuals and teams remain successful and productive.


We help companies create truly inclusive workplaces that attract
today’s top talent and retain your best talent for the long-term.


We coach leaders and employees to work through challenges and put
in place the foundations for long-term success on and off the job.

Cropped portrait of a family of three sitting together at home

Why focus on parents?

Companies continue to lose talented employees during the early years of parenthood. It disrupts business and narrows the female talent pipeline. Research reveals 1 in 3 new mothers consider quitting upon returning to work – even after extended leaves. By creating an inclusive workplace where employees can be successful and productive before and after becoming parents, you can retain your best talent for the long-term.

What our customers say

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Ready to lead your working parents?

Workplaces are catching up to the future. Learn how you can cultivate an
inclusive culture for your parent employees.

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