We make workplaces
inclusive for all parents

Our collective approach to strategy,
training and coaching helps you cultivate a culture
where everyone can reach their full potential.

Shot of a pregnant woman and her husband sitting on thier sofa using a digital tablet

Who we are

Engaging your employees through parental transitions

We are a collective group of consultants and experts. We partner with companies to develop modern solutions that cultivate more inclusive workplaces. This includes creating progressive policies and processes that support all parents. We prepare your leaders to manage their people through this shift. We equip your employees to remain successful and productive before and after leave.

We do this so you can attract top talent, retain your best talent and begin to develop your next generation of leaders.

Our mission

Our modern solutions help companies better support, manage and retain employees as they become parents, while preparing parents to succeed at work and life.

Meet our founder

Lisa Durante

Lisa is a communications expert. For more than 15 years, she’s helped global companies lead their people through organizational change. With her experience, she’s cracked the code on affecting real change: it takes a collective effort. Leaders, managers and employees must each contribute to realize the intended change.

Lisa formed LDI Consulting on this premise. She works with a collective group of experts to identify the strategies, learning programs and coaching offerings that enable companies, and their managers and employees to cultivate an elevated experience for parent employees.


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