Own Your (Pregnant) Career

For professional parents who want to
return to work after baby


Visibly pregnant women are judged as being…

… less committed to their jobs
… less dependable
… less authoritative
… more emotional and irrational

when compared to otherwise equal,
non-pregnant women.

That’s why pregnancy is the right time to take control of your career.

When you do, you’ll find...

Management continues to see you as the professional you’ve proven yourself to be rather than 'mommy tracking' your role and the projects you work on

Colleagues champion your strengths and stand up for your needs even when you’re not in the room

Ways to manage your calendar so you can find time to focus on the things that matter at work and at home without burning yourself out before baby’s arrival

You’re well equipped to plan for a smooth transition from office life to maternity leave, and then back again

You’re amazing at what you do.
Being pregnant doesn’t suddenly change that fact.

But sometimes unconscious biases against pregnant parents can hold you back.
Don't let it.


Own Your (Pregnant) Career

A course designed to help pregnant parents build the foundation of their after-baby career by taking control of the narrative right now.

Use it as your handbook for preventing maternal bias from taking over your career.

Course opens on July 26.

Imagine feeling confident you'll return to a career you actually want after baby

Dedicating a few hours of prep time can be the difference between ending up in a less-than-you-dreamed-of career and continuing along the path you wanted after baby.

This course will help you navigate this uncertain time in your career.

Peek At The Quick-To-Consume Resources Inside
Own Your (Pregnant) Career

Module One: Refresh Your Career Story

Learn why it’s imperative to refresh your career story after sharing your pregnancy news at work, and how to manage maternal bias when your managers and mentors may start to wonder if you’re planning to come back after maternity leave.

Module Two: Build Your Network Of Champions

Discover why champions are key to staying top of mind during this changing time, and how you can begin to shift workplace relationships that already exist into vocal supporters of you.

Module Three: Managing It All

Understand why so many working mothers find returning to work so difficult (it’s not what you think), and takeaway practical strategies to help you work smarter, not harder before the baby arrives.

Course opens July 26.

What makes Own Your (Pregnant) Career different?

Led by a communications expert

LDI Consulting Founder, Lisa Durante, has paired her 15+ years experience leading corporations through organization change, with her role as a working parent consultant to help career-conscious women through exercises so they can effectively communicate during change.

Practical Strategies For Today’s Workplace

Working motherhood has never been easy. Right now, however, it’s never been trickier. We can’t foresee what the future will hold for each of us. Yet, we don’t have to get there alone. We’re here to guide you in creating the fulfilling career path you deserve.

Easy-To-Consume Resources

This course has been designed to move through quickly, so you can take immediate action. Pop in your earbuds over a couple of lunches to watch the no-fluff 20-minute video modules and complete the exercises in the downloadable workbooks.

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Scoop up a special bonus:
Being Visible in a Virtual Workplace

Even as we come out of the pandemic, there’s a good chance you’ll be working remotely at least some of the time, which makes it more challenging to log facetime with colleagues and management.

Watch this bonus replay to learn how to leverage other cues, get time on your boss's calendar, and be sure you’re proactively talking about your leave (since it’s easy for people to forget when you’re sitting down behind a screen).

Set yourself up for continued career success after parental leave by starting today

3 on-demand videos, led by Lisa Durante, designed to help you communicate with colleagues and management while transitioning to maternity leave

3 downloads with practical exercises for building your career story, creating a network of champions, and navigating competing priorities without becoming overwhelmed

...and a bonus resource, Being Visible in a Virtual Workplace, focused on helping you stay connected while working online

Join Own Your (Pregnant) Career for career conscious women for only $97

Three Ways To Know Own Your (Pregnant) Career Is The Support You Need Right Now…

You want to...

Maintain control over your career trajectory as you’ve always done

Return back and be successful after your maternity leave

Skip the mommy-track and get offered key projects and promotions

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Meet your guide, Lisa Durante

Corporate Communications Expert and Working Parent Consultant

I’m here to give you the practical guidance you deserve, so leaving for maternity leave can be less stressful since you know you’ve set your eventual return up for success. 

The truth is, if all you take from this mini-course are two or three practical strategies that’ll amplify your contributions at work, you’ll be in a much better position to return to a career path that’s dictated by your wants and strengths.

Questions that might be popping up for you


As long as the course exists, you’ll have access to Own Your (Pregnant) Career. Each time we update it, you’ll get the updates too. And if we ever take the program down, you’ll have plenty of notice so you can download the materials.


Definitely! Own Your (Pregnant) Career has strategies ready-to-use in the realities of today’s work environment. We’ve also included a bonus workshop replay about how to remain visible and why that matters to your career after baby.


I’d love to support you. We create highly personalized programs designed to support you as a professional and a parent. Click here to check out our coaching and consulting packages.

Get ready to take control of your pregnant career

Avoid the pregnancy bias trap, and keep in the running for interesting projects and promotions, while pregnant and upon your return to work.

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