The Return Bundle

Learn the skills and strategies you'll need to
jump-start your career as a working parent
during COVID-19 and beyond.

Because right now, running through your
head are thoughts like...

I don't know how I can do my job without childcare.

How do I explain to my manager that video calls are hard for me? With nap time, snacks and diaper changes, showing up professionally is hard right now.

So much has changed, how will I ever be able to catch up and be as good as I used to be?

I’m scared. Everything feels up in the air right now.

...going back to work after parental leave is hard enough without a pandemic shifting all the plans you created for your family.

Imagine what returning from parental leave would feel like if you had expert resources, ready-to-use tools, and a support system at your fingertips

You would...

Know how to build resilience and a positive mindset to navigate the bumps in the road while parenting and working

Have those courageous conversations at work, so you can create a work-life balance that works for you

Strengthen your prioritization skills so you can get it all done–however you define all

Redefine what self-care and date night looks like so you can show up as your most happiest self, at home and when your office opens again

Raise your profile and clear your career pathway, so you’re called on for interesting projects and promotions

Have insider knowledge directly from a human resources expert of what steps to take to reintegrate with your manager and work remotely


The Return Bundle

On-demand access to practical strategies and expert insights that'll help you return to work with more success and less stress during COVID-19 and beyond.

What you'll get inside the bundle:

Forever access to all 8 virtual sessions from The Return Summit

We packed the day with an incredible line-up of thought leaders and industry experts to share the best tools, resources and stories.

Bonus recording of the specific Returning to Work During COVID-19 webinar

HR expert, Bright + Early answers your most pressing questions

Three of our most popular working parent guidebooks

Practical tips to help you figure out your unique vision of happiness in work and life and how to get it.

A mini training workshop

A video walk-through to help you plan the logistics of returning to work right now and when you can physically go into the office.

A 1-on-1 consultation with Lisa Durante

Meet with a working parent consultant and corporate communications expert so you can discuss your unique work-life goals and make a plan to make it happen.

Life as a working parent demands new skills and strategies

Get instant access to a bundle of resources and tools
so you can return to work with less stress and more success.

All for one payment of $149

The Return Bundle is for you if...

You're a new mom, dad or parent returning to work during COVID-19

You're dedicated to growing your career alongside parenthood

You want to build the skills and strategies you'll need to navigate your career as a working parent

You want to be productive at work and present as a parent at home, so you can feel good at the end of day

Portrait of a cheerful mother relaxing on a hammock with her two little boys outside at home during the day

I don't feel as alone as I felt before.

"I really liked the steps Lisa and the HR specialist shared around reconnecting with managers and teams before the end of mat leave. I'm due back to work in a few weeks and to be honest, I am terrified. I have an amazing relationship with my seniors, but the team has grown a lot since I left, so I am concerned and afraid. But, today helped me a lot and I don't feel as alone as I felt before."

Malak M.

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A note from Lisa Durante

Corporate Communications Expert and Working Parent Consultant

Returning to work has never been easy for new parents. Right now, however, it’s never been trickier.

That’s why I created The Return Bundle. I want to be sure you have the insights and information you’ll need to make sound decisions for you, your family and your career. I also want to get you to build the skills and strategies that’ll help you navigate your new life as a working parent.

We can’t foresee how the future will unfold. Yet, I’m here to give you the jump-start you deserve, so your return can be less stressful and more successful than going it alone.

The truth is, if all you take from this bundle is two or three practical strategies that’ll work for your life, you’ll be in a much better position to return to work with less stress and more success.

Frequent questions people love to ask

How do I access the bundle?

Once you sign up, you’ll receive instant access to every resource, along with a calendar link to book your 1-on-1 session with Lisa Durante.

What can we talk about in our 1-on-1 session?

The time is yours to choose! We can work together to craft a request that opens up a conversation about your most pressing need. Or we can talk strategies for reintegrating your team and being more visible during your return.

Will these strategies apply AFTER COVID-19?

Most definitely! Sure they will help see you through uncertain times, but the strategies the speakers share are universal insights that will apply long after offices reopen.

What if I already know everything in the sessions and guidebooks?

I invite you to sign up and see for yourself. You’ll have 14 days to request a refund if you don’t walk away with at least one or two ideas that will help make your return to work from parental leave less stressful and more successful.

What an insightful afternoon

"Thank you so much for everything. I loved the prioritization strategies and the couch date idea was fascinating. And, Lisa's insights on increasing visibility were important not only for moms, but for every female employee."

Jeannette S.

Jump-start your return to work

Get your Return Bundle filled with practical strategies and expert insights, so you can thrive as a parent and a professional.

All for one payment of $149