Returning to work during COVID-19

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return to work during the COVID-19 crisis

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What to expect when you're returning to work after maternity, paternity or parental leave at a time when the way we work is quickly changing

Whether you have the right to request to work-from-home and how to find out your options

Strategies to professionally navigate working from home when you no longer have childcare

What new policies and rules might be going into effect, and who you need to ask

How to integrate with your team when your workplace has suddenly gone remote

Being a working parent has
never been trickier

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You're returning to work from parental leave during the COVID-19 pandemic

You're unsure how you'll navigate working from home without access to childcare

You were looking forward to starting work again, but now you're unsure what lies ahead and what your rights are

You want to know how to reconnect with your new virtual team and what this means for your career path

You're overwhelmed by the idea of returning to work during a time when it feels like the whole world has gone sideways.


Life as a working parent just got
a lot more complicated

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A note from Lisa Durante

We’re in complicated times. 

Working parents have always needed more support so they can successfully navigate life as a professional and parent. Yet, never have the circumstances been more complicated. 

We can’t foresee how the future will unfold. What we can do is get your more pressing questions answered, so you can make a plan that will work for you and your family. 

That’s why I hope you’ll join me for an honest discussion with Bright + Early, independent human resource consultants. So, we can help you figure out how to successfully return to work at an uncertain, and perhaps, overwhelming time.