Create an inclusive workplace
for your parent employees

Successful employees. Productive teams.
Diverse pipelines to leadership.

Modern solutions to support your parent employees

Differentiate your culture with family-inclusive programs

Companies continue to struggle to engage and retain talent for the long-term. It’s especially tough to retain parents. Only 17% of expecting employees start their leaves without any concerns about work. When they return, more than a third consider quitting within their first year – even after extended leaves.

Let us help you bring modern solutions to support and retain your parent employees for the long-term.

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A collective approach

We work with you to understand your needs, your people and your goals.
We design bespoke strategies and programs that will help you make the biggest impact on your people and performance.
We create and deliver engaging and valuable programs that will elevate your employee experience.

Our services

Policies and processes that make a differenceParental leave is important. So are programs and processes that support employees as they off-ramp, engage them during leave, and facilitate their successful return to work. Together, they offer employees modern benefits that will attract today’s talent.
Work-life training programs to help parents succeedParenthood is a new role for your employees. It requires new skills and new ways of working. Our training workshops equip employees with practical strategies so they and their teams can remain successful and productive during transitions.
Leadership training to develop effective leadersOnly 17% of expecting employees start their leaves without concerns about work. When they return, 37% consider quitting due to lack of manager support. Our training enables leaders to effectively manage employees as they become parents, so you can retain your best talent.
Set a strong foundation for long-term success43% of mothers leave their companies. Lack of support and isolation are to blame. So is their struggle to cope with the initial challenges of working parenthood. We coach employees so they can resolve current issues and put in place the foundations for long-term success on and off the job.

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Why employers
are choosing LDI

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Support for all families

Our inclusive approach supports all of your employees no matter the structure or make-up of their family.

Tailored programs

We design solutions that align with and support your policies, values and cultures.

Engage the whole person

Our training and solutions support parent employees for success at work and at home - one isn’t possible without the other.

Attract and retain talent

We help you introduce competitive benefits packages that go beyond parental leaves, so you can attract and retain women and millennials