The Return Summit

Develop the skills and strategies you'll need to
jump-start your career as a working parent

An online event designed for parents

April 21, 2020

Return to work after parental leave with
more success, more confidence and less stress.

Jump-start your return

Return from parental leave during these complicated times

Is it time to return to work after taking parental leave? Under normal circumstances, this can be a tough transition to make.

The Return Summit is here to help. This virtual experience will build the leadership skills you’ll need for life as a working parent. You’ll get a balanced mix of career development and life strategies. You’ll also learn how to re-start your career while working apart from your team and manager.

Plus, you’ll walk away with the insights, tools and actionable steps you’ll need to be productive, engaged and successful – as a professional and a parent.

Want to jump-start your return to work with less stress and more success?


The Return Summit welcomes

If you're a new mom, dad or parent dedicated to growing your career alongside parenthood, we welcome you. This event will most benefit parents who will return to work within 3 months of attending the event.
Keen to learn how to better support, engage and develop parent employees? Join us and you'll walk away with new perspective on the challenges facing working parents, and a set of fresh ideas that'll help you attract and retain top talent.
If you support your employees' development and success at every life stage, you'll be in good company at The Return Summit. Parent employees from start-ups, mid-size firms and large corporates are more than welcome.

Our speakers

Expert thought leaders ready to offer their insights, strategies and inspiration
to support your return

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Hina Khan
Success Coach &
Registered Psychotherapist


Allison Villa
Registered Psychotherapist


Eric Arthrell
Inclusion Manager,
Deloitte Global Consulting


Merav Richter
Author & Speaker

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Tanya Hayles
Founder, Black Moms
Connection & Hayles Creative

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Deborah Moore
High Performance

Untitled design (7)

Lisa Durante
Working Parent

Returning parents need more support


of mothers feel isolated
and unsupported after
returning to work


of modern dads report
experiencing work-family


of highly qualified mothers
off-ramp or leave
their careers

Supporting the whole you

The Return Summit supports you as a parent and a professional

Well-balanced program

Our programming covers topics related to career development, time management, success mindsets, self-care, relationships, and more.

Supportive community

Connect with a supportive community of professional parents via our pop-up Facebook group. This way you can get your questions answered and connect with other parents who are returning to work at the same time. This way you don't have to go it alone.


Simply connect from the comfort of your home and listen to our speakers share their insights and strategies for successfully returning to work. You can ask questions and have the opportunity to listen to our speakers again and again with our all access pass.

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Jump-start your return to work?

Our partners and sponsors

We are grateful to our partners who are helping us support and prepare new parents as they begin
their careers as working parents.