Investigating the parental leave
experience for parents at work

Collecting data from parents before leave,
during leave and when they return to work.

Assessing talent outcomes of parental leave

For all employees before, during and after leave

Companies continue to struggle to engage, motivate and retain their parent employees after parental leave. Returning parents find it difficult to contribute their full potential at work. This happens even in companies with generous parental leave benefits.

We want to understand why. We are surveying expecting and new parents to understand their experiences at work and its implications on employee performance and retention.


Who should take this survey

Parents planning to take parental leave in the next 12 months
New parents who are currently on parental leave
Parents who have returned to work from leave within the last 12 months

What we aim to learn

Baby Daughter Dancing With Father In Lounge At Home

Importance of company benefits

Do company benefits and programs impact parent employees in terms of job satisfaction and commitment?

Impact of manager's support

What's the relationship between a manager's support and a parent employee's performance on the job?

Effect of a supportive team

Will supportive colleagues increase employee morale and engagement for new parents?

Significance of the employee experience

Does the employee experience before, during and after leave impact their decision to leave their company?

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